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PIERA CANALS, S.L. was founded more than 50 years ago and has specialized in the manufacturing of textile products and accesories for bathroom decoration. It has also developped another manufacturing line: Isothermic bags. Experience, together with modern designs, top professional and creative team as well as a production process applying latest-generation technology, make PIERA CANALS, S.L. a leader in its sector.

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PIERA CANALS S.L. presents an extensive and original collection of designs of curtains, mats and accessories to decorate the bathroom. A wide range conceived and designed by our creative team to meet and adapt to the most demanding tastes, allowing to put some colors and imagination in your bathroom.

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Isothermic bag is a product becoming more and more necessary for keeping all those products that need to maintain their temperature, either hot or chilled, in ideal conditions during transport. Our manufacturing enables us to customize the printing on the bags, as well as its size and quality, according to our customer’s requirements (pharmaceutical, foods, biological, promotional, etc.), “PINGÜIN” being our own brand.

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